What are our office hours?

You can call us from Monday to Friday, 08.30 – 18.00 We are closed on Saturday & Sunday’s.

What is our phone number?

Email us at sales@thebluebhellcouriers.com or call us at  +65 62949310 for any queries or orders at no obligation

Do we offer air and ocean services?

No we do not offer International courier. We offer only Local courier services.

Do we have any express/immediate delivery services?

Yes we do. Refer to our rates charts for pricing. If you do not have, please send us your email address in the mail. We will forward the Rates chart of Bluebhell Couriers to you


In this section we list all (two) questions concerning payment and payment facilities. Should you encounter info-gaps or find your question unanswered in this section

How can the payment for the courier services be made?
Payments are made on account (credit customers), which is helpful because it saves you time. You will receive an invoice with all the arranged couriers of the previous month. 
Payment facilities
You are able to pay by using different means and options. You can pay by using Bank Transfer, Prepaid(Not usual) and Cheque payment.    
Cash will be collected upon collection or delivery for cash customers. No billing will be sent for cash customers  
Pickup & Collection

In this section we have collected some issues and ambiguities concerning the pickup and collection of your documents/parcels. Questions like: At what time does the courier pick up my consignment? What do I have to do when the courier does not arrive? If you miss some information or have another question, do not hesitate to contact us!

What is the last possible time to get your service for delivery on the same day?

The final time (cut off time) for collection on the same day depends on the time the call is made. The cut off time is usually between 11 am and 1 pm for normal day services.  5pm will the latest to call for a super immediate pickup and delivery within 1-1.5 hours (Rates can be checked via Bluebhell Rates Chart Table)

Is it possible to have my courier/parcel collected and delivered on the same day?

Yes. You can have your consignments collected and delivered on the same day. We do not HOLD documents OVERNIGHT  

What kind of package you deliver/or not deliver?

We deliver all legitimate/legal documents(Motorcycle) and parcels(Van \ Lorry Services)

Can I book a collection(Pickup/Deliver) date in advance?
Yes you can place advance orders with us.
When will the courier arrive to collect my shipment?

Collection, unfortunately, can be at any time during the day.

Courier services often don’t provide details concerning the time of arrival or collection(In a Range). You can, however, count on it that carriers will do everything (within the limits of law and) to collect your documents/parcel in time.

Aside from this – couriers sometimes work earlier than stated times and finish much later in the evening. This makes it quite hard to exactly appoint at which time your documents/parcels will be collected or delivered.  

What happens when the delivery is unsuccessful?
In the case of non-collection: collections are not automatically re-booked. If your parcel or package is not collected, it is best to let us know straightaway. We will sort out why the courier did not pick up your shipment. If the courier is found to be at fault, we well re-book collection for the next day or another moment and place, depending on your wishes. If you prefer to cancel the collection, that is possible too.

If non-collection is caused by customer-error, Courier may need to add a surcharge to the booking in order to cover additional courier expenses. Most important: If your order is not collected, 
let us know directly !!Unattended shipments 
Most couriers will not take documents/parcels if there is nobody at the location of collection to hand the consignments over in person. This is to prevent erroneous collection and delivery of documents/parcels.Customer contact 
If something happens along the way that causes delay hence later collection time – traffic jam, vehicle breakdown, other unforeseeable issues – you might be surprised to learn that the courier has actually no way of contacting the customer.The big reason behind this is that couriers are not supposed to make phone calls while driving.If you have any doubts concerning the collection of your documents/parcelscall us at  +65 62949310.
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