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Your Trusted and Affordable Courier Partner Since 1995

Honest and Dependable

With 24 years of experience behind us and many innovations, we can proudly believe that we are one of the oldest courier service of Singapore. To attain this status, we have been delivering couriers with out heart and souls throughout these years. Simply put, its our PASSION!

To us Courier Service is not only just our Passion, but also our desire to exceed client satisfaction , on time delivery and taking care of your precious documents and/or packages.

We Are Always Improving

With new Offers and Service options, we have constantly endeavored to improve our services and contributing to our Client’s satisfaction.

We Are Passionate

To us Courier Service is not just our Passion, but our need to satisfy each individual clients with best service, on time delivery and taking care of your precious letters or packages.


We offer a wide range of collection and drop off services, including expedited and premium options to ensure maximum flexibility for our customers.

The BlueBhell Couriers
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